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Robin Layne provides quality editing and writing.

We love to make your writing sing. 

Our services include:

  • writing
  • copyediting
  • line editing
  • proofreading
  • developmental and content editing
  • typing
  • critiquing

We enjoy working on inspirational pieces, but also on other genres of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

We help authors and businesses say exactly what they mean... Clearly. Concisely. Beautifully.

Robin Layne is into the details as well as the big picture.


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News Flash! News Flash! News Flash! 

      Science Fiction Novel Edited by Robin Layne 

                 Now Available for Purchase



               From the back cover: 

                                                             "... magical and wise." 

                                                                             - Sam Keen, author, Fire in the Belly

                       "... this fresh and remarkable story engages with a new perspective on extra-terrestrial beings,

                         cross-generational relationships, the tenderness of aging, the lure of beauty, the folding of time,

                         and the essence of love. I see life through a different lens now." 

                                                                                             - Cedar Barstow, author, Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics

              Editor's recommendation:

                                      "When I discovered Never Again among Barking Rain's submissions, I was touched to the

                                       point of tears. The depths of meaning and near-poetic style with which Heather Starsong
                                       approaches this unique story shouted, "Represent this one!" I am so privileged to present
                                       this glorious title to you!"

                                                                                                  - Robin Layne, who edited the book through Barking Rain Press
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                                      The Stage
                               by Catherine Russell

                                                                A  fresh slant on paranormal romance
                                                                                First of a series

                                                                                                                     co-edited by Robin Layne Wilkinson

                                    Editor's Recommendation:

                                   "Potentially a runaway bestseller!"
                                                                      - Robin Layne, co-editor through Barking Rain Press

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