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We’re very pleased to announce that the May 2016 issue of the

     "Wisconsin Bookwatch" features the following review of

              Never Again, a novel edited by Robin Layne:

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Never Again
Heather Starsong
Barking Rain Press
c/o BRP Publishing Group
PO Box 822674, Vancouver, WA, 98682
9781941295267, $13.95, PB, 186pp,

      Struck by lightning on her annual birthday hike to a favorite mountain meadow in Colorado, 80-year-old Clara Norwood closes her eyes, expecting to die. Instead, she wakes up on an Elirian spaceship. When she is returned to Earth, however, Clara realizes that the Elirians did more than simply heal her injuries. They also reversed all the ravages of aging, and she is once again a beautiful young woman. At first Clara rejoices in her newfound strength and energy, but before long her 80-year-old spirit begins to feel at odds with her youthful body. She is uncomfortable with the all the electronic gadgets of the 21st century and dreads the prospect of outliving her friends and family. She is also mystified by the unexpected attention she receives from men who are younger than her own adult children -- and completely unprepared for the new realities of modern dating and romance!

      Original, deftly crafted, absorbingly entertaining from beginning to end, Heather Starsong's "Never Again" is a compelling read and clearly establishes this author as an impressively talented storyteller who will leave her readers looking eagerly toward her next novel. Very highly recommended for community library Science Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Never Again" is also available in a Kindle edition ($5.95).

This review will be archived on the Midwest Book Review website for the next five years at

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive
Oregon, WI, 53575, USA

         Robin Loves to Sing. Can You Believe It?
It's like she's got just the right name or something!


Now you can hear her voice, accompanied by her acoustic guitar, sing and play six of her original creations on a new CD, officially released this July.

It's called "Faithful," after one of the featured songs that's titled "Faithful the Wounds of a Friend," and includes a variety of styles and moods, including the original version of the lullaby, "I'll Wrap You in Rainbows," a song already popular on the Internet. Other voices have tried it out, guessing at its guitar picking sequence or using other instruments, and sometimes getting the words wrong. But Robin wrote it for her baby in 1990. There's also a song inspired by the movie "Hook," which starred Robin Williams as Peter Pan... also a special little ditty just for fun at the end--and more.

Along with the CD, she printed a third zine, a booklet to accompany the CD. Look forward in the future to buying Robin's music digitally online. But you don't have to wait until then. Just write for your CD/zine set today and send $10. 


Past Events:

July 2016- Robin Layne attended the 2016 Zine Symposium, bringing all three of her zines and her new music CD, "Faithful." It was a very fun event. Friday night she attended an anniversary party for the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)and got some small zines and supplies from a funky donkey pinata. Saturday, she traded and sold her creations with people at the tables; A Character Sandwich is almost gone now, but there are still copies of the other two zines (and the CD), and more can be made. Sunday, she learned how to do claymation and make a folded zine out of a single sheet of paper, helped draw a "fabulous corpse" mural, made a print of an ant, and more. 

October 2015- Catherine Russell's paranormal novel The Stage, co-edited by Robin Layne, was published by Barking Rain Press, followed by an online launch party on Facebook. Robin is now editing its sequel, Exit, Stage Left.

August 29, 2015- Heather Starsong's science fiction novel 
Never Again, edited by Robin Layne, was published by Barking Rain Press.

July 2015- Robin Layne completed her second zine, Turtle Soup: On Finding My Voice (issue 1), and brought copies of it and her first zine, A Character Sandwich, to the Portland Zine Symposium, where they were well received. The do-it-yourself 20-page booklet begins the author's journey of transformation from a silent "Turtle" to an outspoken Robin--a process still underway. Illustrated with photos and original art. More "Turtle" zines expected in the future.

April 2014 - Robin Layne joined the editing staff of Barking Rain Press, where she wears many hats in the search of, and production of, fine books of a variety of genres, but she is still available to help you with your projects through Robin Layne Enterprises!

November 2013—Robin Layne's writings were performed by professional actors before five live audiences in the the Well Arts production, I Wander, It Calls, in Portland and Hillsboro, Oregon. This show was the third production Robin has had the privilege of contributing to through Well Arts. The other two were A Wall Is a Road, performed in March 2013, and What's Important Is the Story, in April 2012. Robin found great fulfillment being part of such a team effort and seeing her writings expressed onstage along with those of her fellow budding playwrights.

October 2013—Robin Layne read her poem, "My Home" as part of the Harvest Moon Festival at Emeritus at Oswego Springs. It was a very fun gathering that shared local talent and good food.
August 2013 - Robin Layne won the Coffee with an Author raffle at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. She met with Cynthia Whitcomb, noted screenwriter, playwright, and teacher, who read two of Robin's short plays and gave her many valuable tips.

Spring 2009- As a project in a college class in writing, editing, and publishing, Robin Layne created her first zine, or do-it-yourself booklet, A Character Sandwich, featuring flash fiction and non-fiction about herself and illustrated by herself and her daughter.

Robin Layne Has a Bachelor's Degree in English

with a Minor in Writing

and a Certificate in Professional Editing!

Robin Layne earned her bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in writing, from Portland State University in March 2012. She walked in the graduation procession that June. In the meantime, she had already started online classes from U.C. Berkeley Extension. She earned her certificate in professional editing from Berkeley in August 2013. 

At Portland State, Robin was on staff at Ooligan Press, the only student-run trade book publisher in the world. There she worked in the editing department and also also took part in other publishing company functions. As part of her coursework, she created two portfolios sampling her work.

From U.C. Berkeley, Robin took grammar, punctuation, and word use for editors; beginning copyediting; intermediate copyediting; and substantial editing.

Robin is eager to work for YOU!