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"Faithful--faithful, faithful,

Faithful are the wounds of a friend..."

So says the title song of Robin Layne's new CD,

"Faithful," in a fresh application of Proverbs 27:6.


The collection also features two love songs of a mother for her child
("Paula was a Song" and the original version of "I'll Wrap You in Rainbows"
(already popular on the Internet through other singers);
A tribute to finding one's inner child under the spell of the movie, Hook
("Me and My Shadow");
A Blues Song about the joy of knowing God ("The No-Blues Blues");
... and finally, a silly celebration of gaseous proportions ("Eat a Lot of Beans").

Somehow it all fits together, from the mouth and fingers of a woman who
found her happy thought and learned, like all Robins should, to FLY!

Buy it with the accompanying zine! Set of both, only $10!
Use the Contact Us page to order. 

Welcome to the Turtle Club!


                                        (Illustration by Paula Wilkinson)

The first issue of Robin Layne's second zine is still available!

Turtle Soup: On Finding My Voice

(Issue 1) 

is a 20-page printed collection of sometimes humorous, sometimes candidly gutsy

personal experience prose and poetry about recovering a voice lost to abuse.             


Includes the poem "Face without a Voice," published in the Write Around Portland

anthology See the Water Riseand quoted in the organization's greeting card for

January 2008.

Offered free of shipping charges on all orders within the United States.

Only $5. Use the Contact Us page to order.



Robin's First Zine SOLD OUT over the summer!

(The computer file has been lost, but if enough people

still want to purchase it, we'll reconstruct it.)


A Character Sandwich, third edition, 2013

In her first zine, from 2009, Robin Layne writes sketches about fictional characters

sandwiched in between stories about herself.

Carefully illustrated, mostly by the author. Now new and improved for more delicious flavor!

Also free shipping within the United States, and $5.

Use the Contact page to order.

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